Guitar Setups

One Louder Studios have teamed up with CJS guitars to offer top quality guitar setups and servicing at low prices. Drop off your guitar or bass at the end of your session and we’ll get it back to you in perfect condition.


Price List


Standard Setup

For this we adjust the neck relief nut and bridge saddle heights, as well as intonation. Making sure your Guitar/Bass is in good condition and comfortable to play.
This is all done to individual needs depending on your playing styles and preference.
(+£15 for Floyd Rose Bridges)

Fret Levelling (recommended)

This puts your instrument in its optimal playing condition. With the majority of Basses/Guitars having uneven playing surfaces out of the factory, we go over the instrument with precision equipment to calibrate the frets to an even temperament.
Allowing you to have the most comfortable action and best intonation out of your instrument. If you’ve got an instrument that you don’t enjoy playing as much as the others, your problem is probably uneven frets.
It’s also an importance maintenance step, as Basses/Guitars more than a couple of years old will always have dips in the frets, resulting in buzzes and poor intonation.
Also Included in this price, a standard setup and a fret polish.
(+£15 for Floyd Rose Bridge)

Fret Polish

With our special formulated treatment we wipe away years of playing to give your fretboard a new lease of life.
Get your frets polished to a mirror finish, to allow your strings to sound brighter for longer. Doing this makes bends easier and overall allows the Guitar/Bass to play much smoother.

New Nut Install

Gets you a high quality nut fitted and oriented for the correct strings you use.
At your discretion we can fit any type of nut with any type of material and colour that you could desire.

Full Re-fret

There comes a point in every guitars life where the frets have been worn down to such a degree where a fret level can’t help.
This is the point at which you need to re-fret your Guitar or Bass.
We use the best fret wire available to individually recreate the frets from scratch. While some technicians use mechanical devices for this, we go in by hand to make sure everything is perfect.
At this point we level and crown the new frets, then finish them of with a thorough polish. After all this we setup the Instrument to the most comfortable playing position for you and your instrument is back up and running again, better than ever.

Pickup Installation

For this we can install any standard pickup of your choosing in any Guitar or Bass. We can also recommend from a selection of pickups to give you the most information before you select the desired pickup.
This price is for Like for Like pickup installation (I.e Humbucker for a humbucker), any other modifications come at an extra cost.

Output Jack Installation

We’ve all that problem, we sit down to play our guitars and we get either no sound or deafening hum. This can be other electronic problem, however it’s usually a case the output jack has lost its proper connection.
We replace all of our Guitars and Basses with High quality Switchcraft Output jacks that provide long life and a stronger connection.

Cavity Shielding

For this we apply Copper or Aluminium shielding to the body cavities of your Guitar or Bass. This reduces hum by grounding out all of the electronics and making sure your guitar signal is as clear as possible.

Fretboard Clean

Using specially designed cleaners, we remove any excess buildup from the Fretboard and also treat it with our uniquely developed oil to ensure a comfortable and clean playing surface.


Ask Us
We accept any wiring work, whether its replacing faulty pots or applying modifications.
Contact us to enquire about these or any other repairs


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