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Our recording studio and rehearsal rooms will be closed between 6pm on October 23rd and November 9th due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

One Louder Studios is a recording studio and set of rehearsal rooms for bands in the Newport area of South Wales.
We have everything you need to create and record high quality music and audio at low cost. We are open for bookings 7 days a week.

Rehearsal Rooms

The Big Room

  • Clean, comfortable acoustically treated music practice spaces
  • PA and drum kit included in every room
  • High quality equipment available to rent
  • Free recording and online playback service
  • All rooms air conditioned
  • Big room can accommodate the largest bands, choirs, video shoots
  • Your choice of Attended rooms with our friendly staff on site or Self Service session (available 24/7)
  • Attended sessions from £10/hour and Self Service sessions from £2.15/hour with free equipment hire
  • Easy online booking and live room availability
  • Book a session now

    Recording Studio

    Recording Studio Control Room

  • Well equipped studio based around 128 channel Tascam DM4800 desk
  • Spacious, incredible sounding live room
  • Highly sound treated vocal booth
  • Relaxed, Comfortable control room
  • Huge selection of microphones and instruments
  • Highest quality professional audio and video
  • Experienced, talented engineers
  • Wide range of recording services available
  • Low cost and open pricing from £16.80/hour
  • Contact us to discuss your project

    We accept all major credit/debit cards
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    Rehearsal Rooms and Recording Studios In Newport, South Wales