One Louder Studios offers a range of rehearsal rooms for any size band. Rehearsals are available 24/7. Sessions can be Attended (with our staff present to help out) or Self Service (where you are sent a code to enter your room). There are no fixed slots so you can book any times you like. All rooms are booked in advance. The minimum rehearsal time is 1 hour for a self service session or 2 hours for an attended session. Contact us or book online now to reserve your slot.

Our standard rooms include a powerful, easy to use Yamaha Stagepas PA system with 2 Shure SM58 microphones and stands. The big room and studio have more powerful systems. There is a 3.5mm jack cable for plugging in your ipod, mp3 player, phone or laptop. All rooms contain a Tama Superstar drum kit with a kick drum, 3 toms, 3 cymbal stands, snare stand, single kick pedal, Hi-hat stand and clutch. All rooms are air conditioned and include a whiteboard for set lists, song notes and showing off your art skills! Extra equipment is included with Self Service sessions and available to hire if required during Attended sessions.

Every room includes use of our free rehearsal recording system to help you keep track of new ideas and make demos.

Our 5 standard rehearsal rooms are 5m x 3.5m (16ft x 11ft) and can easily accommodate 4 or 5 piece bands. The big room is a massive 10m x 9m (33ft x 30ft) and can fit the largest bands with ease (or smaller bands who just want more space to rock out!)

Rooms start at Β£14.99/hour and extra equipment is available to hire. Check out our Price List

Cables etc are available at no charge if you forget yours.
We have selection of picks, strings and sticks for sale to keep your rehearsals going when things break.

We have a kitchen area with tea/coffee making facilities, a vending machine full of snacks and drinks, clean toilets and an undercover balcony area.
There is plenty of parking space outside with enough room to accommodate tour buses and vans.

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