Recording Services

We offer a wide range of services to get your audio project sounding the best it can. We just charge for the time used in a session so you can mix whichever services you need. (Additional charges apply where extra engineers, musicians or video crew are required. Please ask us when you book)

Band Recording

Build your songs up instrument by instrument. Typically we would record drums while the rest of the band perform guide tracks (either with or without a click track). We’d then build up all the other instruments individually (Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, etc). This gives us time to concentrate on each part and make sure everything is perfect.
We can then mix and master your in to a finished product. If you’d rather mix the tracks elsewhere we can prepare and give you the multitrack files at the end of your recording session.

Live Recording

We set up microphones for the whole band, hit record then do it live!
Vocals can also be performed live in our vocal booth or overdubbed afterwards. We can set up a headphone mix for all band members if required.
Afterwards we can mix your session to sound like a live performance or give it more of a studio feel.
When the band can really play this is a great way to get a natural feeling record.


Taking your unmixed mutlitrack files our experienced engineers can deliver an expertly mixed professional mix to your requirements.


We take your already mixed tracks and apply compression, EQ and other effects as necessary to help your songs sound as good as they can. We use EBU R128 compliant loudness metering to help choose a suitable volume for your music without sacrificing too much dynamic range.
We can then choose appropriate gaps between each song and organise your tracks ready to be reproduced onto CD, tape, vinyl or digital formats. We can supply DDP CD masters complete with ISRC codes ready to send to a CD duplication plant. We also have a web server for quick and easy online delivery of mastered files.

Vocalists and Rappers

Either bring your own backing tracks or we can help you find instrumental versions of popular songs.
We’ll select the a top quality microphone to suit your voice then record several takes of the song. Afterwards we can edit together the best parts of each take and then apply pitch correction as needed to get the best results
We can get excellent results even with inexperienced singers.

Full Production

Got songs but not a full band? We can get together session musicians and songwriters to turn your ideas in to reality.

Live Videos

We can film your recording session, then edit the audio and video to provide you with a high quality video. Whether you want to record a live performance or document your time in the studio we can accommodate you with multi camera production.

Voice Overs, Podcasts and ADR

Our vocal booth is an ideal location to record high quality speech through top quality equipment.