Rehearsal Price List

These are our prices for rehearsal space. If you need to make a recording in our studio see our recording price list.

All prices include VAT @20%

Rehearsal Rooms
The Big Room £15.99/hour
The Gold Room £12.99/hour
The Green Room £12.99/hour
The Red Room £12.99/hour
The White Room £12.99/hour
The Poster Room £12.99/hour
The Studio If our studio isn’t in use for recording we offer it for rehearsals at a discounted rate of £17.99/hour. Studio rehearsals can be booked a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.
Attended Sessions:
Sessions available 9am to Midnight
Choose any of our rooms.
Our friendly staff will be on hand to help out with any issues.
You can choose extra equipment to use during your session.
We need 12 hours notice to book if we don’t have any other attended sessions at your selected times.
Your room will be unlocked by our staff so you won’t need a code.
You can pay by cash or card at the end of your session, or in advance by card.
Our spares shop will be open selling things like sticks and strings.
2 hour minimum session length.
Self Service Sessions:
Sessions available 24 hours a day.
20 to 77% discount overnight, at off peak times (11pm to 6pm) or for long sessions.
Equipment rental is included free, but you can’t add extra items.
DJ gear included in the Poster room. Drum, guitar and bass gear included in the Big, Gold, Red, White and Poster rooms.
You can book right before your session (subject to availability).
We’ll send you codes which will open your room when entered in to our code locks.
You must pay in advance by card.
Our spares shop may not be open.
1 hour minimum session length.
There are discounts available for Self Service rooms:
Overnight sessions11pm to 9am30% off (plus at least 20% self service discount)
Self Service SessionsOff Peak 11pm to 6pm20% off
Long Self Service Sessions3 hours or more Off Peak 11pm to 6pm25% off
Very Long Self Service Sessions8 hours or more30% off
Day Self Service Sessions12 hours or more40% off
Multi Day Self Service Sessions24 hours or more50% off
Week Self Service Sessions120 hours or more60% off
Multi Week Self Service Sessions168 hours or more65% off
Bass amp (head and cab) From £1.50/hour
Bass cab From £1/hour
Bass Guitar From £1/hour
Sansamp distortion pedal 50p/hour
Darkglass Alpha distortion pedal £1/hour
Guitar amp (head & cab) From £1.50/hour
Guitar cab From £1/hour
Guitar From £1/hour
Guitar pedals (fuzz, wah, distortion, whammy, tuner, compressor) 50p/hour each
DW Collectors or Tama Superstar kit & hardware (without cymbals or snare drum) Included with room
14” Snare drum From 50p/hour
Cymbals (hi-hats, ride, 2 crashes) From £1.50/hour
Double kick pedal From 50p/hour
Cowbell or woodblock 25p/hour
Premium Equipment
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head & cab £4/hour
Peavey 3120 head £2/hour
Vox AC30 head & cab £3.50/hour
Orange dark terror head & cab £2/hour
Ampeg SVT CL head & SVT 8×10 cab £4/hour
Fender Jaguar guitar £2/hour
Fender USA Jazz bass £2/hour
14” DW snare drum £1.50/hour
DW 9002 double kick pedal £1.50/hour
We understand that sometimes things come up and you need to reschedule a rehearsal, but at the same time we want to make sure all the bands who need to practice can get a slot. Our cancellation policy is:
No shows or cancellation 12 hours or less before rehearsal start – Full room rate payable
Moving a session counts as cancellation

Rehearsal Rooms and Recording Studios In Newport, South Wales