Rehearsal Price List

These are our prices for rehearsal space. If you need to make a recording in our studio see our recording price list.

Rehearsal Rooms
The Big Room £13/hour
The Gold Room £10/hour
The Red Room £10/hour
The White Room £10/hour
The Poster Room £10/hour
The Studio If our studio isn’t in use for recording we can sometimes use it for rehearsals at a discounted rate of £15/hour. Please call for more information.
There is a minimum booking of 2 hours for all rooms.
Special Offers
Free equipment hire weekdays before 6pm (excludes premium gear)
All day sessions (9am to 6pm) – £60 (Big room £80)
All day & night session (9am – 11pm) – £80 (Big room £100)
Bass amp (head and cab) £1/hour
Bass cab 50p/hour
Bass Guitar £1/hour
Sansamp distortion pedal 50p/hour
Guitar amp (head & cab) £1/hour
Guitar cab 50p/hour
Guitar £1/hour
Guitar pedals (fuzz, wah, distortion, whammy, tuner, compressor) 50p/hour each
Tama Superstar kit & hardware (without cymbals or snare drum) Included with room
14” Snare drum 50p/hour
Cymbals (hi-hats, ride, 2 crashes) £1.50/hour
Double kick pedal 50p/hour
Cowbell or woodblock 50p/hour
Premium Equipment
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head/cab £4/hour
Peavey 3120 head/cab £2/hour
Vox AC30 head/cab £3/hour
Orange dark terror head/cab £2/hour
Ampeg SVT CL head & SVT 8×10 cab £4/hour
Fender Jaguar guitar £2/hour
Fender USA Jazz bass £2/hour
14” DW snare drum £1.50/hour
DW 9002 double kick pedal £1.50/hour
We understand that sometimes things come up and you need to reschedule a rehearsal, but at the same time we want to make sure all the bands who need to practice can get a slot. Our cancellation policy is:
No shows or cancellation 24 hours or less before rehearsal start – Full room rate payable
Moving a session counts as cancellation

Rehearsal rooms and Recording Studios In Newport, South Wales