What is a Self Service Session?

Self Sessions are our way of giving you cheaper rehearsal sessions and making rooms available 24/7.

You can book online and pay with any major credit card. We’ll send you codes which will unlock the front door and the door to your selected room. Big discounts are available for long, off-peak and overnight sessions. You can use the rooms 24 hours a day and the minimum booking length is only 1 hour. If there are rooms available you can book right before your session starts.

Self service rooms include free hire of a PA, 2 SM58 microphones, 5pc Drum Kit with cymbals and snare drum, a guitar head & cab and a bass head & cab. The Poster room also includes our Pioneer XDJ-RX2 decks. All items are subject to availability – You’ll be shown which items are available when you book.

As there won’t always be staff on site during your session our spares shop may not be open and you can’t hire any extra bits of equipment.
You can call us on 07411 111175 if you have any urgent problems.

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