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Rehearsal Rooms (15)

Every room includes free hire of a PA system, 2 Shure SM58 microphones, a drum kit with a kick drum, at least 3 toms, 3 cymbal stands, hi-hat stand with clutch, snare stand, kick pedal, rug and a hydraulically adjustable throne.

Each room also includes a whiteboard, air conditioner, 18″ fan, music stand and 2 chairs (4 in the big room/studio)

A guitar head & cab, bass head & cab, snare drum and set of cymbals (Hi-hat, ride and 2 crashes) are included free for Self Service sessions. The Poster room also includes the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 decks. (subject to availability – you will be shown which gear is available when you book).

During attended sessions you can hire extra equipment for a small charge. A full list of equipment is available here

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Standard sized rooms are £11.99/hour, The Big Room is £14.99/hour and the studio (when used for rehearsals) is £16.99/hour.

There are discounts available for Self Service rooms:

Overnight sessions11pm to 9am30% off (plus at least 20% self service discount)
Self Service SessionsOff Peak 11pm to 6pm20% off
Long Self Service Sessions3 hours or more Off Peak 11pm to 6pm25% off
Very Long Self Service Sessions8 hours or more30% off
Day Self Service Sessions12 hours or more40% off
Multi Day Self Service Sessions24 hours or more50% off
Week Self Service Sessions120 hours or more60% off
Multi Week Self Service Sessions168 hours or more65% off
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The best way is our Online booking system which shows live room and equipment availability.

You can also phone/text us on 07411 111175, email us at [email protected] or book during your visit (Attended sessions only).

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Self Sessions are our way of giving you cheaper rehearsal sessions and making rooms available 24/7.

You can book online and pay with any major credit card. We’ll send you codes which will unlock the front door and the door to your selected room. Big discounts are available for long, off-peak and overnight sessions. You can use the rooms 24 hours a day and the minimum booking length is only 1 hour. If there are rooms available you can book right before your session starts.

Self service rooms include free hire of a PA, 2 SM58 microphones, 5pc Drum Kit with cymbals and snare drum, a guitar head & cab and a bass head & cab. The Poster room also includes our Pioneer XDJ-RX2 decks. All items are subject to availability – You’ll be shown which items are available when you book.

As there won’t always be staff on site during your session our spares shop may not be open and you can’t hire any extra bits of equipment.
You can call us on 07411 111175 if you have any urgent problems.

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Attended sessions are rehearsal sessions with our friendly staff on site to help out.

You can book online or by phone/email. You can pay on the day with cash or card (or online in advance by card if you prefer). Splitting the bill between your bandmates is no problem. You won’t need any codes to get in your room as we’ll be there to let you in.

Attended sessions are available between 9am and midnight. The minimum booking length is 2 hours. We usually require 12 hours notice to book an attended session though sometimes we can squeeze you in last minute if others are booked at the same time.

You can choose from our extensive list of top quality hire equipment.

Attended sessions are available in all our rooms.

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Our online booking system shows you live room availability for your selected times.

Category: Rehearsal Rooms

Yes. Every rehearsal room includes a PA system of at least 500 watts and 2 Shure SM58 microphones with stands.

Category: Rehearsal Rooms

Yes. Every rehearsal room includes a drum kit. The Big room has a DW Collectors kit with 22″ kick and 3 toms. The studio includes a DW Collectors kit with 22″ kick and 4 toms. The Gold, Red, White and Poster rooms have a Tama Superstar kit with a 22″ kick drum and 3 toms.
All rooms have 3 cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand, single kick pedal, a hydraulically adjustable throne and a drum rug.

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Your room is reserved for you for the times you have booked. Please book for the times you will arrive and leave including the time taken to set up and pack down. We may charge for the extra time if you stay outside your booking times.

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For self service sessions we’ll send you door codes by email. You’ll receive one code for the front door and another for your rehearsal room. Codes are usually a * character followed by 6 numbers. Just enter the code in to the keypad on the door making sure you start with the * button. The lock will beep twice then you can turn the handle and enter.

There is a few minutes grace period before and after your session that your code will still work. You can always leave the room without having to enter a code.

For attended sessions we’ll unlock the doors for you so you can just turn the handle and come in!

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You can cancel online by going to Your Sessions and clicking the cancel button.

Rehearsals are cancellable with no charge up to 12 hours before your booking starts (or 1 hour after you booked if this is later).
For no shows or cancellation 24 hours or less before the rehearsal start time the full room rate payable.
Moving or shortening a session counts as cancellation.

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We don’t have a way to change your booking online at the moment other than cancelling and rebooking the session. Contact us to make changes.

For attended sessions you can change your selected equipment on the day subject to availability. There’s no cancellation charge for equipment you don’t use.

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Yes. When the recording studio isn’t in use for recording you can rent it for rehearsals at the reduced rate of £16.99/hour.

The studio features a DW Collectors drum kit and a 2800 Watt HK Audio PA system.

The reduced rate is only available to book 2 weeks in advance, doesn’t apply for any type of recording session and doesn’t include use of the control room, vocal booth and recording microphones.

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Sure! We can rent out cameras and lighting equipment to help, or even shoot the whole video for you. (Contact us for more information)

If you film/photograph another customer, guest or member staff please ask for their permission first. If you photograph and video the One Louder Studios logo and name and include it in in your content you may not represent yourself as being endorsed by One Louder Studios. One Louder Studios may ask you to remove content featuring our logo and/or name if it is judged at our discretion to be objectionable, abusive, illegal or otherwise harmful to our business.

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Sometimes we have customers who just bring themselves! We have everything you need to get started. We can rent out guitars, basses, amps, cymbals, snare drums and even sort you out with drum sticks and cables.
Book an attended session and we’ll be there to look after you.

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